Party Packages

Dazzling Jewel Party

Have a dazzling time at this jeweled out party! No girly girl would be complete without a little dazzle in her life! All these special girlfriends will get a dazzling up-do to start the day with nails polished and makeup too! We’ll play some dazzling games to make sure this party is the most fun ever! These BFF’s will decorate their very own mirror to check out their sparkly makeup! They can decorate it with glittery stickers and tons of sparkly jewels…the more dazzling the better! 

Under the Sea Bash

All the magical mermaids around will have a splashin’ great time at this under the sea bash! These fabolous mermaids will start their party decorating their very own treasure box to put all their gadgets and gizmos a plenty in! No mermaid would be complete without her very own seashell hair clip to finish off their glamourous up-do. These mermaids will splish and splash, dance and twirl during this magical underwater bash!

Glamoramma Party

This party is for the ultimate Glam girl! Embrace their inner fashionista as they design the perfect frame to put a picture of them and all their party girls in! They’ll get all glammed up with the party up-do of their choice along with polished nails and makeup too. We’ll play some glamorous games and take plenty of pictures to show off all these glamorous girls! Get ready to have your special b-day girl look like a true glam girl after this party is over!

Adopt A Pet Party

Calling all you animal loving cuties! Host the ultimate adopt-a-thon for you and all your BFF’s to find your new pets to join your family. The birthday girl and her guests will choose from a big basket of sweet TY Beanie Boo’s that are looking for their fur-ever homes! They will all decorate their new pets take home box to reflect their animals style! Once they have filled out their pets adoption certificate, they will make a pet collar with their pets new name and colorful beads! This is a pet lovers dream birthday bash!

Ultimate Spa Day Party

Enjoy the most pampering party ever with the Ultimate Spa Day! These soon to be pampered b-day girl and her party guests will get mini manis and mini pedis with a very funky polish color to top it off! No spa day would be complete without their own scented lotion. Each girl will make their very own scented spa lotion to take home with them to remember their relaxing, pampered day. They will also get a beautiful spa braid in their hair with their choice of spa headband to top it off! 

Sparkly Princess Party

Have your special b-day girl become a Sparkly Princess on her birthday where “Once Upon A Time” comes to life during a party where her dreams turn into reality. We’ll get all these little princesses ready for the ball with beautiful gowns, sparkling jewels and fairy tale up-dos. Our sparkly guests will decorate a very sparkly tiara to top off their perfect princess looks! We will play all sorts of fun princess games to make sure this is the best “ball” ever! Come have a fairy tale time at this magical party.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Aloha! Limbo your way into the most tropical party ever! The birthday girl will greet all her friends with a colorful lei and have a spalshin’ good time! All our sunny guests will decorate their own flip flops with colorful fabric pieces, just perfect for the beach! Everyone will get a tropical hair up-do with a flower clip! We’ll add some bright nail polish and colorful makeup to finish your tropical look! We will play loads of fun games including our favorite island game, LIMBO!

Lil’ Pastry Chef Party

Do you have a budding lil’ pastry chef? Have them come show off their baking skills with their fellow BFF chefs. Choose their very own yummy cookie design to decorate from scratch with plenty of sprinkles on top! After all these famous chefs get their party up-dos with nail polish and makeup, they’ll head on over to design their chef aprons. What is a famous chef without a fancy apron? We’ll play a bunch of games to keep this busy party the best one yet! 

Enchanted Fairy Party

Wouldn’t your special b-day girl love to turn into an Enchanted Fairy on their Birthday? Your enchanted girl will have a magical time with all her fairy best friends at her very own fantasy party filled with fairy dust and magical games. All our enchanted fairies will receive sparkly up-dos while also decorating magical fairy wands to take home after the party! They’ll be sure to have a fairy fantastic time!

Pop Star Party

Come with your dancing shoes on and your voice ready to belt out some tunes! Today, the B-Day girl is the biggest pop star there is! All these pop star girls will get rockin’ up-dos! No pop star would be complete with out their very own personalized bag to take everywhere with them. Decorate it anyway they’d like! A pop star always gets what they wants! We’ll sing the day away with their very own mini karaoke concert and play all the best pop star games to make sure this is the most rockin’ party ever!

Tea Party

Let your special birthday girl enjoy an afternoon with all her girlfriends at our Tea Party! To start off their dainty afternoon, all our guests will get a party up-do along with perfect nail polish and light makeup to look all fancy and dolled up for tea. We’ll go to our fabulous dress up room to pick the perfect outfit to wear to their special tea party and show it off with a fashion show! All these BFF’s will have a ball playing fun games before we head to our tea room. During this perfect tea party, all our guests will enjoy adorable shaped sandwiches, pink cookies, yummy snacks, and of course our special pink lemonade “tea”. What a special way to spend a big day!

PJ Bash

Have your special b-day girl hop in her favorite snazzy P.J.s and head on over to the best “sleepover” they’ve ever had! This group of BFF’s will get to decorate their very own t-shirts any way they’d like! Then, get the perfect party up-do to complete your fashionable P.J. Bash look along with some makeup and polished nails too! We’ll sing karaoke and play some fun games! This is the ultimate BFF sleepover bash you’ll be sure to be talking about for years!

Magical Unicorn Party

Calling all unicorn lovers! The magical unicorn party is sure to put a big smile on any unicorn lovers face! These unicorn loving guests will decorate an adorable princess unicorn hat with every sparkly craft decoration we have! We will play fun unicorn themed games and get all dolled up like a beautiful unicorn princess with a special up-do of their choice! We’ll add some sparkly nail polish and makeup to finish off their magical unicorn look! 

Bow Bash Party

Does your birthday girl and your friends just love singing, dancing, and BIG bows?! At this awesome party, the b-day girl and her bow loving besties will be able to decorate their very own big bow! Everyone will get a fun party up-do of their choice and 2 colorful mini bows to add to your bow stash! We’ll add some colorful nail polish and makeup to top off this super sassy look! We will play fun games and dance to your favorite songs! This party is sure to be a blast for all!

Shimmery Slime Party

Does your little diva love everything shimmery? Does she love making her own slime creations at home? Then this party is her dream birthday! Let your birthday girl and all her besties come make a mess creating their own slime from scratch including choosing a color of their choice and an add in item of their choice! Could be glitter, sequins, fake snow… the options are endless! The best part… You don’t have to clean up a thing! The guests will all get a hair up-do of their choice, their nails polished, and makeup to top off their look! This is sure to be the messiest party yet! 

Mini Artist Painting Party

This is sure to be the most creative and crafty party ever! Perfect for all your budding artists! Your mini artist and all her guests will each create their very own canvas painting. They can design something from scratch, or choose a few stencils to help create their masterpiece! Use some fun stickers and sparkly craft items to top off that beautiful work of art! This is their time to shine and use their imagination to create a one-of-a-kind painting! To top off our fun party, all guests will get a hair up-do of their choice, their nails polished, and makeup!