Mini Artist Painting Party

This is sure to be the most creative and crafty party ever! Perfect for all your budding artists! Your mini artist and all her guests will each create their very own canvas painting. They can design something from scratch, or choose a few stencils to help create their masterpiece! Use some fun stickers and sparkly craft items to top off that beautiful work of art! This is their time to shine and use their imagination to create a one-of-a-kind painting! To top off our fun party, all guests will get a hair up-do of their choice, their nails polished, and makeup!

Party lasts 2 hours and costs $425.00 for 8 guests. Each additional guest is $40.00 (18% gratuity added to final cost)

The Mini Artist Party includes…

  • Hair updo with colorful hair clip & hair glitter
  • Nails polished
  • Age appropriate make-up
  • Themed Games
  • Accessory only dress up with fashion show
  • Create a 8×10 canvas painting
  • Time for cake and food
  • Personalized sash for birthday girl


Jojo Siwa Party with Big Bows

Get your daughter her very own IAGT birthday t-shirt for all her besties to sign to remember her special party! Only $10!