Glamoramma Party

This party is for the ultimate Glam girl! Embrace your inner fashionista as you design the perfect frame to put a picture of you and all your party girls in! You’ll then get all glammed up with the party up-do of your choice along with polished nails and makeup too. We’ll play some glamorous games and take plenty of pictures to show off you and your glamorous friends! Get ready to look like a true glam girl after this party is over!

The Glamoramma Party lasts 2 hours and costs $210.00 for 8 guests. Each additional guest is $26.00 (20% gratuity added to final cost)

Glamoramma Party Includes…

  • Hair updo with mini crown and hair glitter
  • Nails polished
  • Games
  • Full dress up with fashion show
  • Decorate a picture frame
Decorate a picture frame at It's a Girl Thing Geneva