Ala Carte Parties & Home Parties

Ala Carte Parties

Ala carte pricing is for parties that do not reach our party minimum of 8 girls. There is no finalized end time to these parties. we will however, give you an approximate end time based on what you choose for your party. These parties will include only 1 party hostess as well. While they are taking turns getting their mini makeovers (if you choose that option) the other girls are welcome to jump rope, hula hoop, dance around, and dress up (if you choose to add this to your package). For these parties, every aspect of the party is a separate price. In some instances, it may be more beneficial for you to pay for 8 girls and have a full party versus an ala carte party. We will always run the amounts and let you know what your better option would be.


  • Mini makeovers hair up do of choice, makeup, finger nails polished $20 per girl
  • Create a craft options range from $10-$15 per craft
    • $10 crafts- fairy wands, princess crowns, picture frames
    • $15 crafts- flip flops, t-shirts, tote bags, initials, aprons, jewelry box
  • Combine a mini makeover with a craft and the mini makeover is only $15 per girl
  • Mini pedicure & mini manicures- $25 per girl
  • Create a lotion- $3.50 per girl
  • 30 minutes of games- (this includes dress up) $30 total
  • Just dress up- $15 total
  • Time for cake and presents- $30 total
  • Tea Party- includes sandwiches, cookies, and pink lemonade $15 per girl

Ala carte parties do NOT include a gratuity. Please remember to take care of your party hostess at the end of your party!

Home Parties

home party

We will travel to your home to host either a full party, or to do mini makeovers on the little Princess’s. A full party would run just like a party in the store and the price is the same as stated in our menu. We will do crafts, hair up-dos, games, help with cake and presents, and clean up. If we come for mini makeovers, we will come to do hair up-dos, polish nails, and  do makeup. We will leave once this is completed.

Home parties have a 10 girl minimum. There is no trip charge if you are in the Tricity area, if outside of that area, please contact the store for more information. We do require a $35 charge for loading and unloading party items. There will also be a 20%  gratuity added (just as there is in the store).

We only travel to the surrounding towns to Geneva for home parties. If you are unsure whether your home is in our travel area, please feel free to contact us for more information! Now, your princess can have her very own party in her own home!